I acknowledge my sincere gratitude to my supervisors, Dr. Ritu Mathur and Dr. Veena Gupta, Associate Professors, Deaprtment of Fabric and Apparel Science, Lady Irwin College, for their meticulous attention, inspiring guidance and co-operartion through out the study. Their patience and critical appraisal of my work has been of immense help.

I express my sincere gratitude to my advisors, Dr. Deepali Rastogi and Dr. Simmi Bhagat, Associate Professors, Deaprtment of Fabric and Apparel Science, Lady Irwin College,for their valuable suggestions and unending encouragement throughout the course of the study.

I wish to thank Dr. Anupa Sidhu, Director, Lady Irwin College and Head, Department of Home Science under whose patronage the study was conducted.

I would like to express deep sense of gratitude to all team members of Delhi Crafts Council, for providing platform to work wth artisans woking in their center in Chamba as designer and project coordinator and display of products during their exhibitions.I whole heartedly thank Ms. Purnima Rai, General Secretary, DCC and others for their constructive suggestions and kind indulgence which have contributed in no small measure.

I am highly indebted to Dr. Anamika Pathak, Curator, Decorative Arts, National Museum, for providing all the possible guidance at every step of the study. Her unsurpassed knowledge in the field,valuable inputs and suggestions has been of immense help.

I wish to thank Padamshri Vijay Sharma,Senior Miniature Artist, Bhuri Singh Museum, Chamba for his unfailing support and cooperation extended during field visits to Chamba.

Feedback and recommendation from other academic experts deserves due mention for adding value to the present study.

I extend my sincere gratitude towards Mr. Prixit Sharma (Miniature artist, DCC) and all other artisans working in DCC center in Chamba for gladly providing with all the assistance as and when required. I would like to sincerely thank all the master craftspersons (Lalita Vakil, Kamla Nayyar, Siraj Begum,Masto Devi, Indu),embroiderers and respondents of the study for their cooperation and providing the required information. Without their valualble assistance this research would not have been possible.

My appreciative thanks are also due for Mr. Kamal Prasad Sharma, Author and Mr. Rahul Jain, Textile Designer and Art Historian for the kind help and guidnace during the course of the study.

I whole heartedly thank Dr. Parmar, Head, Chemical Lab, NITRA, under whose guidance testing of dyed raw material was carried out.

I would also like to thank Padamshri Goverdhan, Padamshri Gajam Yadagiri and Mr. J. Ramadass, all master craftsmen in natural dyeing, Hyderabad, for their guiadnace and assiatance provided for natural dyeing of silk yarns.

I am also grateful to Career Advancement Studies (CAS) under the University Grant Commission (UGC) for providing financial support for conducting the research.

I am grateful and pay personal tributes towards all my family members for their consistent and uncondtional support.

Lastly, I wish to extend my gratitude to all those who have directly or indirectly helped in the completion of this research.

Best Regards
(Rohini Arora)

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